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Although machines make our routine tasks incredibly convenient and easy, they are subject to wear and tear with passing course of time. Like every other thing, machines are also subject to fault and errors. The same is true for air conditioners. They need to be repaired and maintained with time so that they continue to provide expected services. If an air conditioner is not maintained properly on a regular basis, it is found to lose 5% of its efficiency. Not only it reduces the operation life of the machine, it also makes the air conditioner consume more power. Moreover, if not maintained consistently, a major fault in the air conditioner can cost a huge one time repairing amount. People don’t usually put a thought in paying for maintenance for air conditioners until they actually falter. But we will advise you to pay for the maintenance of your AC, just like you do for your vehicle or other machines. It is possible to get excellent AC service in Dwarka Sector 7 if properly explored.

In the scorching heat of summers, a day without air conditioning is a nightmare. It disrupts the daily schedule of people and causes extreme discomfort and nuisance. Our job is to never let you feel any of those problems. We, at our company, work round the clock to make your life comfortable and cool all the time. We make sure that you never have to go through any such situation of torment. From handling regular maintenance to repairing accidental faults, we are always at work to help our consumers. We do our best to revive your air conditioner and make it work as new. We have excellent technical experts in our team who are capable of looking at the problem from a mechanical point of view and eliminating the problem promptly and accurately. Although there are number of companies which offer AC service in Delhi, we have various convincing reasons for why you should prefer us over them.


The next thing is how to know if your air conditioner needs repair? There are various problems which start to show up and indicate the abnormal functioning of the machine. These problems could be:

Warm Air Through The Vents

A Leaking Refrigerant

A Freezing or Leaking Compressor

Interrupted Starting or Stopping of The Motor

Temperature Variation

Strange Noises Coming out of the Air Conditioner

Onset of any of these problems suggests that the air conditioner you own requires to be repaired.



Apart from this, maintenance of air conditioner is equally important and essential. The maintenance service of an air conditioner constitutes of:

Testing and Recharging the Refrigerant

Removing Obstructions, if any, from Condensate Lines

Inspecting the Operation of Compressor

Checking Power Connections

Cleansing of Condensate Pan

Balancing Registers

Checking The Thermostat

Checking Motors

Cleansing of Condensing Coils or System’s Evaporator

Cleaning the Cabinets and Outdoor Grille

Combing the Coil Fins

Testing All Mobile Parts


For getting an AC service in South Delhi, we are the company you should go for to make your home cool and happy and to keep your air conditioner safe and working.

There are various kinds of air conditioners, varying according to power consumption, installation or many other factors. Our experts are versatile and the tools and techniques they use are extensive. We can deal with any company product you have got with yourself. From units installed as windows or split air conditioners to centralised air conditioning system, our experts can manage any sort of problem and they can handle it well. We apply the appropriate and suitable repairing technique considering the product so that the fault is removed completely. Besides, we make sure that the probability of any future anomaly is minimal. That, however, depends on many other things like handling of the product or mishaps. There is no close substitute for what we provide as AC service in Delhi.

We Have Specialists

Apart from all of our specialities, we offer AC service in Delhi at most reasonable prices in the market. We have a reflexive pricing policy so that we can serve maximum number of customers and reach as far as we can with our services. We charge you fairly for the work we do for you and expect you to visit us again in the hour of need. We have emerged as a trusted and integrated company with the passage of time due to our qualities of accuracy, reliability and swiftness. Not only we solve your problem, we do it quickly, accurately and honestly. So the next time you have the misfortune of getting a faulted air conditioner, remember us and we will be there for you.


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